Diabetes Treatment

What is a Laminectomy?

This surgery can relieve back pain due to spinal stenosis. Laminatectomy surgery to remove spinal ligaments. The spinal cord is the outermost part of the bone in each individual’s spinal cord. Removing the lamina of the vertebrae creates space, which can relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. Laminatectomy …

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What Is Gastroenteritis? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

The stomach is often referred to as “stomach flu”, although it is not a type of flu at all. Instead, it is an inflammation of the lining of your intestines. Most often a virus is the culprit, in which case the disease is known as viral gastroenteritis. Occasionally, bacteria, parasites …

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What Is a Colectomy?

Bowel obstruction, cancer, or an inflammatory bowel disease may require removal of part or all of the large intestine. Collectomy is a procedure that can remove all or part of your colon. Surgery is performed to prevent or treat conditions that affect the bowel, such as: Bowel cancer Intestinal obstruction …

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